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LABOR SOLUTIONS GROUP is in the business of helping companies reduce
LABOR AND PRODUCTION costs, without compromising quality.

Conducting a profitable business in California is becoming increasingly
difficult with soaring costs in ENERGY, WAGES and WORKERS' COMPENSATION INSURANCE.

Most companies do not have the time, resources or knowledge to find solutions to cover these additional expenses without passing it to their

LABOR SOLUTIONS GROUP will determine if there are problems or inefficiencies in STAFFING SERVICE SELECTION, SALES PROCESS, HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, and RISK MANAGEMENT.  Then we will develop customized stategies to correct them so YOU have time to concentrate on what you do best, "TAKE CARE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS."


    Sales Development
    Human Resources Management
    Risk Management

With LABOR SOLUTIONS GROUP, you get more than a client-vendor
relationship.  You get a strategic partner that has a vested interest in your success.  We follow-up with you to insure that all deliverables are met.


To provide customer driven needs assessments that will generate cost saving solutions without compromising the integrity or quality of service to your clients